Tootling and Pedalling – it’s the life!

This is my first post on the blog so excuse me if it is rather dull. I went for a bike ride yesterday. I am going for another ride tomorrow. Yesterday I went for a recorder practice with the group I play with. Life goes on.Recorder

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

9 thoughts on “Tootling and Pedalling – it’s the life!

  1. I am still gobsmacked by your cleverness. I have put your blog in my favourites and will look for ineresting things everyday, not to mention brilliant photographs! By the way Cosmo is now on the website.

      1. Actually I have a friend who’s about to get a knee replacement (plus he’s a retired teacher and studies birds and takes photos) so I was going through your posts to see where your knee replacement began so I could refer him to your blog but I wound up scrolling down through the entire thing.

      2. That seems like just the sort of person to have as a friend if you ask me. I had my knee operation on 30th November, seven months ago. It came from an orienteering injury twelve years ago rather than arthritis.

      3. Thanks for your reply. His situation is a torn ACL, lost cartilage, bone spurs, a real mess. We apparently all have our own versions of this. My own is an old meniscus tear injury not worth repairing because I have some osteoarthritis, but not enough arthritis to make the knee worth replacing. Anyway I will try to find him the best link to your blog and send it to him because I think he will enjoy reading about everything else you do and if he’s laid up for a while he won’t be able to do much else anyway! 🙂

  2. Having realized I never read your first post(s)… I find my myself here this morning. Seems I am not the only one who peruses your blog even unto its beginning. 🙂

    Do have a Very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year in 2020.

    1. You are very brave to delve that far back. You will probably realise now that nothing much changes in my life except that we have two granddaughters since I started writing. I return your good wishes for Christmas and New Year. 🙂

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