A Quiet Day in the House and Garden

After a quick visit to our local farmers’ market I was able to mow the lawn thanks to some recent rain.

All the better for a drop of rain.

The lawns have not recovered from the drought but they are looking a little better and with more rain forecast, I hope to get them in good condition soon.

An incipient pepper

A quick peer into the greenhouse revealed some progress on the tomato and pepper front after a slow start because of the very cold spring.

A burgeoning tomato

After all this early excitement, Mrs Tootlepedal returned from selling Bonnie Langholm raffle tickets at the farmers’ market and together we attacked a hedge to its severe detriment. I thinned a few apples on the apple tree and then had to go inside for a little sit down.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Day in the House and Garden

  1. I also used to do a lot of fancy arranging of photos in entries and eventually gave it up because I had trouble getting the photo to go exactly where I wanted it to.

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