The Lonely Pedaller and a Can of Worms

I had to go round the morning pedal by myself today as my usual partner had gone off to play golf (rather selfishly, I thought). Nevertheless, I had a good run in light winds and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

After the cycle ride, a large parcel was delivered containing a very swish wormery and a good many worms. Unfortunately the wormery didn’t quite fit together as it should so new parts are on their way. However we rigged it up and put the worms in their new home. We hope they are going to be very happy and turn our kitchen waste into lovely compost. We will keep you updated on this. The booklet with the wormery warns of worm breakout in the early stages of their stay before they get settled in. We sleep in fear tonight.

After a light lunch of sardines on toast and smoked mackerel, Mrs Tootlepedal and I set about preparing our accounts for the annual tax return.

Mrs Tootlepedal having a taxing time
After some head banging, we seem to have done most of the work and are going to see a new tax adviser shortly.

Tea was followed by a call to my sister Susan regarding some improvements to her family history site. She is forever putting up something new and improving the looks of pages. I am very impressed by her perseverance.

Finally, I was forced to have yet another plate of strawberries and cream while I did a little work on the Langholm Archive site…….and so to bed, don’t let the worms bite.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “The Lonely Pedaller and a Can of Worms

  1. You have been busy. Thank’s are due for taking the time to help with the website, much appreciated.

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