Golf, Worms and Garden on a Lovely Day

The morning started with a trip to the building society to round off the tax work of yesterday.

Arthur Bell on our return from the golf this afternoon
I made a nice broth for lunch and then got picked up by my playing partner, Arthur Bell and went to play with modified success but great enjoyment in the Wednesday golf competition. (Modified = very little) The course is in excellent condition after the recent rain.

The Wormery
During the morning the missing bits of my recently purchased wormery appeared and I assembled it and placed it in the garage. It may not look much but in six weeks it will rule the world. Mrs Tootlepedal had gone off to Hoddam armed with many home made cakes for a fun day at the Driving for the Disabled where she is a helper. On her return she gasped in amazement at the wormery.

While my tea was cooking, I popped out to mow the lawn and I must say that I think it was worth it as the lawn is always at its best in the late evening sun.

The lawn in the evening
After that, there was time for a little work for the Archive Group which is always interesting. At sometime during the day, I ordered a smart new pair of prescription sunglasses for cycling. These are so I can see where I am going while pedalling. It will be a novel experience.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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