Street Party Time

Because this year’s Langholm Cornet lives on the corner of Wauchope Street and Wauchope Place, the inhabitants of both streets got together to throw a party for him today.

The street, the party
The Pipe Band

There was lashings of grub, (Mrs Tootlepedal contributed vast supplies of well roasted chicken legs), ample supplies of drink and as the afternoon went on, we were entertained by both the Langholm Town Band and the Langholm Pipe Band. So good was the music that guests took to the street in an unbridled whirl of dance to the traditional Common Riding Polka.

Dancing in the street

There was a special cake cooked in the common riding colours of the year and we all sat under the shelter of gazebos which was just as well as there was a chilly wind from the North West. I had been asked to say a few words and broke all records by saying a few words and presentations were made to the cornet, his father, his mother, his granny and the 25 year cornet (also a near neighbour) and his wife.

It would be no exaggeration to say that a good time was had by all. I had a short break from the party to zip round our usual morning ride (21 miles) and perhaps because of the good feelings engendered by the social whirl and perhaps because it was late afternoon, I managed to do the best time I have ever done. When I got back, the party was still in full swing and even when I left to go back home, a hard core of merry makers were settling down for more fun.

Mrs T
Mrs T in conversation

A few pictures from the party.

The Town Band
The cake
A few words

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