A Singular day

It was singular because there are no photos, no rush of events. I just did one thing and it took me most of the day. I took advantage of a good forecast to pop on the bike and cycle to the Caerlaverock Wildfowl Trust where I was able to see this year’s osprey chicks on their nest through the medium of a big screen in their cafe. After that I continued round the Solway coast and up the Nith estuary into Dumfries where I had a banana and went back the way I had come (without going to the WWT again). It got a lot hotter on the way back than I had expected and with a light wind against I got a little tired and called in at a cafe in Annan for an ice cream. I made the mistake of asking for a cup of tea. The modern caterer is entirely ignorant of the part boiling water plays in making a nice cup of tea. It took me just under six and a half hours of pedalling to do the 100 miles but that wasn’t counting several refreshment stops. It is a very flat route but quite interesting and varied to pedal.

To show how hot it was, during the day I ate two filled rolls, two bananas, a plate of minestrone and a crusty roll, some dried fruit and an ice cream. I drank two cycle bottles of water, a mug of coffee, a small bottle of orange juice and a cup of tea. When I got home, I drank two glasses of water and had a large plate of strawberries and cream so I wasn’t exactly underfed or underwatered through the day but I had still lost two kilogrammes when I weighed myself before my shower. I will soon put it back on though.,

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “A Singular day

  1. ‘The modern caterer is entirely ignorant of the part boiling water plays in making a nice cup of tea’
    Thanks Tom, I am going to read your blog whenever I need an injection of humour into my day…

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