Suits You Sir

It has been another really wet day all day today as this picture of one of the last foxgloves in the garden shows.

Flower pic of the day

Dennis and I were really lucky to be able to sneak out before the rain got going to do our early morning ride. Because I was on my mountain bike, Dennis was able to grind my nose in the dust, which he did…often…but the result was my fastest ever time for the circuit on the slow bike. Every cloud has a silver lining.

After the bike ride and our usual cup of coffee, Mrs Tootlepedal took me to Carlisle for lunch and a shopping experience. This was in honour of Alistair’s forthcoming marriage, as it has been decreed that such an occasion calls for new clothes. Purchases were made but, annoyingly, the best combination of jacket and trousers was not available because of stock shortage in the right size of trouser (plenty of short, fat stuff available but not much tall and skinny). This was a pity because the jacket was very smart indeed. However we have purchased back up stuff of good quality and are anxiously going to search the web to see if we can get the preferred jacket and trousers on-line. The day was not a total write off because I was able to purchase a new tyre and tube for my road bike and some delicious cheese, butter and coffee.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Suits You Sir

  1. been too busy to look recently but you have certainly had a lot of rain. There are some lovely photographs despite the weather though!

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