Glorious Afternoon

The flower of the day is an Icelandic poppy

icelandic poppy

The weather took a turn for the better today and i was able to peal round the morning ride without much wind or rain which made a nice change. My cycling partner, Dennis, was off golfing. My golfing partner,  Arthur, was otherwise engaged so I didn’t get to play my Wednesday round of golf. Instead I was able to wander round the garden in beautiful sunshine and I took this picture of a garden resident hard at work.beeI’ll have to hone my photographic skills a bit more but I was quite pleased even to catch a bee in flight.

The mini prairie

Mrs Tootlepedal and I have been quite taken by the mini prairie that has developed where the choosy birds have discarded seed from the feeder during the winter and spring. We think we will have a harvest in the Autumn.  Mrs Tootlepedal spent the afternoon helping with the driving for the disabled (equestrian not motor)  and then went out to work on the evening shift so  I made myself a delicious meal of potatoes from the garden and feta cheese from the Co-op baked with olive oil and herbs.  Then I went to Carlisle for our regular tootle. My tootling friend Susan didn’t come as she is preparing to go to Germany to watch the F1 Grand Prix at the weekend.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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