Tootling and Pedalling – a perfect day

Today’s flower is a waterlilywaterlily

The weather was perfect for a morning pedal, with an almost complete absence of wind and a very comfortable temperature so I completed my morning ride very satisfactorily. I have managed the ride every morning this week which is not at all usual as either the weather or business intervenes most weeks. After a light lunch, I went off to do my stint in the tourist information centre and  this week I had numerous visitors and sold two copies of the Langholm Walks leaflet.  It’s the Big Society in action! (Though we thought of it before he did.)

The diagonal stripe

On my return, I mowed both lawns, one straight up and down and one with a nifty diagonal stripe. This is so the grass doesn’t get bored being mowed in the same direction all the time. I have been feeding the worms in the wormery with kitchen waste and time will tell how they take to it. I hope to have a few candid worm shots in the course of time.

I then lurked about the garden trying to get some nice shots for this blog and I managed to photograph what I thought was a bee. hoverflyHowever, a knowledgeable friend who came to play music in the evening, assures me that it is a hoverfly and I am sure she is right. As well as putting me right on the insect front, she accompanied me in a selection of sonatas by Parcham,  William Williams and J B Loeillet with a division on Faronel’s ground thrown in. After the tootle, we joined her husband, the doctor, and Mrs Tootlepedal in our usual Friday night discussion which we think leaves the world a better place.

Tomorrow we go to Carlisle to see about wedding rings.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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