Today’s flower needs no introduction
white rosemicrolightWhen I went out into the garden this morning, I heard a strange noise. On looking up I saw a microlight circling overhead but by the time I had fetched the camera he was disappearing up the valley so I just caught this last glimpse of him.

I put the camera away and got the bike for a 40 mile run down to Carlisle and back. On a Sunday I use the main road to Longtown as it is not very busy at all. There was a light cross wind and the trip down felt so easy that I thought it would be against me coming back. However, the trip back was slightly quicker than the trip out so at least it proves that the wind is not always against you both ways when you cycle.

In the afternoon I made some blackcurrant  jam with fruit that Mrs Tootlepedal had bought while at her driving afternoon at Hoddam earlier in the week as well as some bread for our expected B&B guests.

Claire and Sarah

The guest arrived in good spirits because they had had a pleasant days cycling compared with the soaking that they had received the day before. They are heading for Edinburgh tomorrow and the weather does not look too bad.

Colin Brackley

Mrs Tootlepedal received an e-mail this morning from two previous guests doing the end-to-end telling us that they had made it to John O’ Groats and enclosing a photograph to prove it.

The writer thanked Mrs T for her excellent hospitality remarking that she really knew what tired cyclists need when they reach a B&B. This was very pleasing to her and me too.


After my faux pas in imagining a hoverfly was a bee on Friday,  in the evening I took a photo of a bee.  If only I could upload video files, I could have shown you a bee movie.

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2 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. If you had been at the White Gate on you bike you would have been at the same level as your microlite.

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