Separate Journeys

Today’s flower is feverfewfeverfew

In the absence of Dropscone, my pedalling partner, on domestic duties, I changed my normal morning route and went over Callister Hill, past Gair Schoolhouse and down to Gretna before returning via Glenzier, a round trip of 34 miles. In marked contrast to yesterday’s ride, the wind managed to be against me most of the time and I found it rather a slog. On my return, I slumped into a bath.

orchidIn the afternoon Mrs Tootlepedal went off by herself on a ride to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back. (You may notice an educational tinge to today’s rides.) She felt at liberty to stop and look around because I was not accompanying her and as a result she was able to take a picture of this roadside orchid which gave her a great deal of pleasure.

On her return she embarked on massive gardening tidying up with which I helped in a desultory way until Mr Dropscone himself appeared with two interesting pictures for the Langholm Archive Group’s photo collection. infants

I reproduce this picture of his brother’s infant class taken around 1949.  What is alarming is that I am even older than these children. The picture will soon take its place in our collection. The other picture, which was of a rugby team in the late sixties, contains hairstyles too awful to show to the general public.

On the wormery front, I have started feeding the little creatures some kitchen waste and only time will tell if they will actually eat any of it. Keeping worms is very exciting.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Separate Journeys

  1. Love the school photograph. I have one of my first class in 1955 which doesn’t look so different.

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