Tootling at home

Today’s flowers are red lilies

Up reasonably early and off to the golf course courtesy of a lift from my golfing companion, Arthur Bell.  There we battled ourselves and the course in the Wednesday Medal. I played pretty well until the asthma won out and the last four holes went to pot but it was enjoyable just to be out on the course.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help at the driving for the disabled at Hoddam and I made a plate of lentil soup for lunch and got ready for a meeting of the Heritage Trail group who are preparing a heritage trail leaflet for the town. My part is to make a DVD of reminiscences and old photos and I am learning new skills to do this but the group were enthusiastic about my first attempt so I shall persevere.

recorder group

I got a call from the bike shop to say that repairs were continuing on my road bike without complete success and the mysterious knocking noise had not been tracked down.  I await further developments and, I suppose, further costs.

In the evening, the recorder group, which usually meets in Carlisle, met in our house which was very nice as it saved the Langholm contingent a trip to town. We played a varied programme including Byrd, Gibbons, Palestrina, Telemann, Bach and Stanley Taylor and afterwards sat down to a nice cup of tea (but no biscuit).

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One thought on “Tootling at home

  1. The wall with the fireplace looks in good nick. I hope it will last for you, perhaps someone has sorted it out at last. The players look very professional too.

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