Today’s flower is a rose


I am still stuck at home with my knee but it is improving and I hope to be able to make a small expedition by the weekend. All this means that I have plenty of time for sitting in front of the computer and playing (though I did nip out and mow the lawns). I have spent a good deal of time putting some work in on the video recording my brother-in-law took at the wedding. It is pretty good work and you would never know that he has only had the camera a very short time. Copies of the final effort will be available to anyone who wants in the course of time.

watererIn the afternoon we had a late enquiry for B&B from a father and daughter who are going to do some walking round Langholm. Mrs Tootlepedal had been in Dumfries at a NHS public meeting and got back to discover this. She then had to go out to water the hanging baskets (by herself because her watering partner is away) and buy the breakfast for the B&Bs. She knows all about the Big Society. It’s hard work. She also learnt that she has become a great aunt. This is joyful but hard to bear at the same time.

wispyI stayed in to meet the visitors as they came in and spent some time cloud watching. There were some rather strange wispy clopuds about so I hurried in to get my camera but by the time I came out they had all disappeared except this one which was not as interesting as the ones that got away. trail

They were probably remains of this which I shot at the same time. Some days our sky is simply covered with vapour trails. The only day we got really clear blue skies was ironically when the flying had to stop because of the volcanic ash.

One of our visitors gave us a present of  a pound of raspberries he had picked on his way down from Edinburgh so while Mrs Tootlepedal was out watering, I made them into jam and Mrs Tootlepedal will offer them raspberry jam for breakfast and they can have a little pot to take away if they wish. It made a delicious raspberry sauce for my evening treat of ice cream.

Finally, I caught another glimpse of some wispy clouds as the sun went down. It was still in the garden but it must have been quite breezy up there. We are hoping for a glimpse of the northern lights tonight.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

3 thoughts on “Raspberries

  1. You and Alison are so busy, it makes me feel tired reading your blog. Hope the raspberry jam was tasty, it’s my favourite.

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