A tourist and a tootle

sweet peasToday’s flower is a small vase of sweet peas and it is a signal of the way that the year has gone that these are the first sweet peas to be cut this year.

Here's one I took earlier

This is mostly to do with the dratted sparrows who have a voracious appetite for both sweet and edible peas. The crop has been threadbare. If I could find the chap who keeps hanging out food for the birds in my garden, I’d give him a good talking to.

However, since people keep on talking about the increasing shortage of garden sparrows, I suppose in that, in the end, a sacrifice of peas and sweet peas is probably compensated for by the hundreds of sparrows that are always evident at Wauchope Cottage.

Although still not cycling, I was delighted this morning to be visited by Dropscone himself who had been round the usual run and dropped in to have a cup or two of Ecuadoran coffee. We will get out together again soon.

I did my stint in the tourist office this afternoon and was overrun by a grand total of two tourists. I was worn out.

In the evening I had my customary tootle accompanied by Mrs Tinker at the electric harpsichord and this is always most enjoyable.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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