Another splendid day

Today’s flower is my fuschia. It has finally flowered and beaten the frosts. Hooray.flower fuschia

The weather was fine, the calendar was empty, it was a day for pedalling. I am still on Dropscone’s bike and I didn’t want to go too far as I have no inner tubes for spares so I went for a gentle tour by Wauchope Schoolhouse, Glenzier, Chapelknowe,  Cubbyhill and Canonbie. This amounted to 28 miles in ideal conditions as there was no noticeable wind at all. tea roomWhen I got back, I had a light lunch and then set off again with Mrs Tootlepedal, aiming for a cup of tea and a scone at the Bridge Cafe in Canonbie.  Once again we set off towards Wauchope Schoolhouse and then turned past the Kerr Wood and down to Canonbie where the tea and scone duly appeared. teaI am sorry to say that this was another occasion when the relationship between boiling water and tea had escaped the cafe’s notice but the scone was excellent.


Mrs Tootlepedal enjoyed her cup of tea but my feelings were fortunately disguised by the extremely cool dark glasses which I was wearing. After refreshments, we headed back up the old A7 home completing a round trip of 16 miles.

Once home, we set about the garden. While Mrs Tootlepedal was doing those mysterious things that a gardener does to such good effect, I mowed the lawns which only takes 20 minutes for both lawns when the conditions are good and there is no need for the collecting box. onionAfter that we pulled the onions up and laid them out to dry because the overnight forecast is good. Tomorrow we will hang them on racks and they should last us for most of the winter.

After tea (mince and tatties, I told you it was a splendid day) I took the opportunity of Top Gear being on the telly to put in a week of the E&L Index for the Archive Group and update this blog.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Another splendid day

  1. Wow! What a full day, it makes me tired to read your blog. Glad about the Fuschia though, it looks lovely.

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