Grey Day

Today’s flower is night scented stock from just outside the back door where it, perhaps  unsurprisingly, gives off a pleasant scent at night
night scented stock

After a night of lashing rain, it was a great relief not to find the sitting room fireplace full of water. After trying this and that, we finally cracked recently and had the end wall of the house painted with water resistant paint and though we don’t like to feel too confident, at least it has passed the first test.

Dropscone and I agreed by phone that the usual morning run didn’t look too attractive as it was pouring with rain at nine o’clock so we cancelled. By ten o’clock the rain had more or less stopped so I sneaked out behind his back. It was still extremely windy and it looked as though it might rain at any time so I took the sensible way out and bicycled up to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back three times, thus never getting far from shelter and never having to bicycle too far into the strong wind at one time. It may seem a little boring to do this but I fill the time with composing imaginary but very powerful letters to the newspaper setting the world to rights and this both passes the time and makes me feel good. One of these days I will actually write one and post it. Anyway, it added twenty miles to my year’s total.

Mrs Tootlepedal had gone off to work during the morning because the Health Centre has been forced to adopt a new and ‘better’ computer system. This, of course, means endless extra work for the receptionists and backroom staff. She would like very much to know who thought the change of systems was a good idea. It certainly wasn’t her.

In the afternoon I went off to do my stint at the tourist information point. As it was very grey and very windy, it was no surprise to find my total of visitors was exactly nought. The Guardian crossword, which I had saved to do to while away the time, was very iffy indeed  so it was not an ideal two hours.

wauchopeWhen I got home, I went up to photograph the River Wauchope because it had looked very dramatic when I cycled past it in the morning. Of course by the time I got to it, it had quietened down a lot but I took the photograph anyway.When I got back, I managed to find ten minutes to mow the front lawn. After spiking and sanding it during the winter,  it was very firm even after a night’s heavy rain.


I should have mentioned yesterday that my golfing companion, Arthur, had very kindly and rather surprisingly brought us a load of bracken for our compost heap. It should make useful compost as it is high in potassium if cut when green.  When not golfing, Arthur does a lot of gardening round the golf course helping to keep it neat and tidy.

In the evening, as is customary on a Friday, we were visited by our friends the Tinkers. With Mrs Tinker, who is known as the orchestra, at the keyboard we played sonatas by Handel and William Williams with varying degrees of success but with great enjoyment. I picture the orchestra at work below.orchestra

The keyboard may look a little substandard but it never needs tuning and can pretend quite successfully to be a harpsichord. Also it takes up very little room. Not ideal for the sensitive musician, I agree, but absolutely ideal for me.

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  1. So glad to read that the water resistant paint may have worked. I do hope it continues to do so!

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