New bread excitement

Today’s flower is a hydrangea. It is past its best but it still provides a home for what seems like a hundred birds.
hydrangea petiolaris

Since we had no B&Bs for Mrs Tootlepedal to provide breakfast, we enjoyed a small lie-in. After breakfast I went up to the town to purchase some kidneys and mince for forthcoming feasts. Enough meat for three meals and for less than £2. It seems a a bargain to me. When I got back, we went on a brief cycle ride to Wauchope Schoolhouse. Mrs Tootlepedal had considered going further but, as with yesterday, the wind was blowing at a tremendous speed so enough was enough.

In the afternoon while we waited for our visitors to come, Mrs Tootlepedal popped out to do some more community weeding and I mowed a lawn. As I always say, a day is not wasted if you have mowed a lawn. I do always say that.

When Mrs Tootlepedal returned from weeding, I went out round the usual morning run because the wind had dropped a bit. It was a run in three movements – moderato into the wind down to Canonbie – allegro with a cross wind up to the Kerr wood and then – prestissimo down the Wauchope road back home with the wind behind. Good fun.

ciabattaLast time I went to Lidl in Carlisle, I bought a small packet of ciabatta bread mix and in the evening I used the dough making facility on our bread machine to make two small ciabatta loaves out of some of this mix. It is the first time that I have used the dough facility and it worked very well. The loaves turned out  to look quite like ciabatta and they are certainly very tasty to eat.  This is lucky because I have enough of the mix to make two more lots of these loaves.

On a sadder note, I have still not heard any news of my bike repairs.

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