Not much going on

Today’s flower is a rubeckia

It’s been a very grey day in Langholm today. Dropscone and I got round the morning run with only a few miles of rain but the roads are wet which means a constant spray as you go along. I had a not very good asthma day so I won’t count today’s run among one of my favourites. The weather was so dank all day that even the therapeutic joys of mowing the lawn were denied to me.

It was such a grey day that we actually did our tax and sent it off.

A lot of the day was spent doing Archive Group work. A  friend has been recording people in the town with something to say of times past and he brought his most recent recording round. It was from a lady who was a darner in two of the mills in the town. I put it on the computer and did some editing work on it and found it very interesting to listen to. I also sent a couple of printouts from the microfiches of the paper to someone who had e-mailed to ask for entries referring to his ancestors. It really cheers you up when the evidence is that the work of the indexers in transcribing the entries and the hour and a half I spent typing the entries into the index today is likely to interest someone somewhere.

I wasn’t able to take an interesting photo today but I notice that, owing to my well lubricated state yesterday, I failed to put in a couple of pictures I had taken which I had meant to include in yesterday’s blog so I might as well put them in today.

Castle HillThe picture on the left shows the glorious day it was that tempted Mrs Tootlepedal out on the bike.Mrs Tootlepedal

The picture on the right shows the lady herself on her return from her 15 mile jaunt.

The picture below shows a promising plum but it is my belief that the dratted sparrows will have eaten it before it gets to be fully ripe.  Time will tell. Tomorrow is the day of the Langholm Open Seniors Golf Tournament. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, I expect.

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