Relative pleasure

Today’s flower is a garden version of the wild knapweed that appeared on the blog earlier this month.

Another lovely day and another pleasant morning ride with Dropscone. The traffic was unusually busy and we had to adopt the tactics of the slow bicycle race as we ground up the High Street. Once out in the country, the traffic remained unusual and we had to make allowances for as many as six vehicles during our ride. (This usually means stopping to let them past in the narrow lanes.) We managed and in spite of all the delays came back in a slightly quicker time than yesterday.

In the afternoon I did my stint in the tourist information point at the Kilngreen and this week I actually gave out some tourist information. As I was also visited by two friends for a chat, the time passed most pleasantly. When I returned, I had time to mow a couple of lawns and book an airport hotel on the internet for my golfing partner Arthur’s wife who is going to Oberammergau. Arthur was very pleased because not only had he won his class in the Langholm Seniors on Tuesday but he had also been part of a Langholm Rotary golf team which had tied at a charity tournament yesterday. He intends to play the Langholm Open on Sunday to see if this winning streak continues.

relliesMrs Tootlepedal had been cooking the mince during this time to welcome my brother and oldest sister who called in as part of their tour of Scotland and Northern England. They had spent the morning at the Falkirk Wheel.

They arrived as expected and we enjoyed an excellent evening of good conversation, mince and cheese. I was able to scan and edit some interesting additions to my sister’s collection of family history photos and documents which she had collected as part of the tour. They left to spend the night at the M6 service station lodge at Southwaite which is my brother’s second home. (Handy for the Lake district, he says, and very reasonably priced.)

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