It was an ill wind

Today’s flower is yet another of the many clematis with which Mrs Tootlepedal adorns the garden
another clematis

The day started with a nice lie in as we had no B&Bs and continued in a leisurely fashion for me, although Mrs Tootlepedal was very busy preparing for tonight’s visitors. After a while I got organised and went out for a short ride because it was very windy and showers appeared. I rode 5 miles up the Wauchope Road into the teeth of the wind and then turned and whizzed back at an average of 23 miles and hour. I stopped in for a cup of tea and then did the same thing again. As I went up the hill, my legs felt rather tired and I thought it was the penalty to be paid for the earlier whizzing along. When I turned to come home, I realised that the wind had got even stronger and this time I came home at an average of 24 miles and hour. Then I had a little lie down. Then I got up and mowed a lawn.

We had tickets to go to a performance of The Boy Friend by our local youth group (very good). However in the course of the afternoon, our visitors, who are end to end cyclists, rang up to say that because of the head wind they would be late arriving. This meant that Mrs Tootlepedal and a neighbour went to the show and I waited for the cyclists to arrive. It was nearly nine o’clock when they arrived and they admitted that they had come close to catching a train home at one point.  They are going to Dunfermline tomorrow, into a head wind again, and it will be a hard day. Fortunately it looks as though it will stay dry unlike today. I hope to catch a picture of them as they depart tomorrow morning.

I am enjoying a small plate of raspberries and cream for my supper every night. Long may this continue.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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