All about the wind

Today’s flower is an astilbe

REPAIRSOur visitors had a bad start to the day when Oliver found that he had broken a spoke and that he had not got the tools to do the necessary repair. It was Sunday and the local bike shop is closed. Even Dr Tinker, our local bike wizard, hadn’t got the tools and so Oliver was left with a quandary. Should he try to cycle 50 miles to Innerleithen into a whistling gale on a broken bike? There is little or no mobile phone connection on the Eskdalemuir road and he was carrying some rather sore leg injuries as well. In the end, after consultation with Emily, the pair agreed to accept a lift from Mrs Tootlepedal for them and the bikes to the Innerleithen bike shop which had agreed to do the repairs. When Mrs Tootlepedal returned, she said that the road was littered with debris from trees in the heavy wind and she wondered whether they would actually find it possible to complete their journey to Dunfermline. Time will tell (and a postcard).

While she was being the good samaritan, I did what I could to get the B&B ready for tonight’s guest. After that, I sat and watched the Grand Prix on the telly. hedgeBecause it was still too windy for a pleasant ride, I took the electric hedge trimmer out and trimmed the roadside hedge. donkeysIt is always a satisfying job. Finally, when the wind had abated a bit, I went out on the bike to put in a few evening miles. The day was absolutely gorgeous apart from the stiff breeze. The evening light is indescribable but I doubt if there is better light anywhere in Britain. I took my camera and went to visit some donkeys that Dropscone and I pass on our morning run

Craig Hill Windfarm

….and in addition, because it was such a windy day, I took photos of both our local windmills just to show that the high winds make someone happy.

Minsca Wind Farm

You can see what I mean about the light.

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One thought on “All about the wind

  1. I played golf very poorly in the Langholm Open and thought I would try Tootlepedals trick of mowing the grass (I do not have a lawn) to cheer me up. It did not work.

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