An arty cup of tea

No flower picture today because I haven’t worked out how to put another picture on a page when I have a gallery.

Another beautiful day dawned and our Italian visitors decided to go for a walk to the monument and beyond. I lent them our 1:25000 walking map which is centred on Langholm and off they went. They told us that they had found our B&B from the Langholm Walks website which, in turn, they had found from a Lonely Planet guide to walking in Southern Scotland. Very satisfactory.

At about 10am Mrs Tootlepedal declared that it was a day for a cycle ride  and so we bustled about, chose a route, printed out the map, got our cycling gear on, put the bikes in the back of the Kangoo and so on and so on and finally managed to actually leave the house about 12 noon. We had chosen to go to Lockerbie and tour round Dalton and Hoddam, returning by way of  Kettleholm. This was a good choice as the route was interesting and gently undulating with only two shortish stiff climbs. An added bonus was that the wind blew gently behind us on the way back to Lockerbie. I had spotted the magic letters PH on the map in Dalton so I was hoping for a stop with refreshments there. When we came to it, it turned out to be basically a Thai restaurant and locked. A Thai appeared and was very uninterested in opening up to serve us coffee so we decided to make a short diversion to the Art Cafe which is half a mile from the village centre. This was a good idea because I was able to have a toasted tea cake which always improves any day.

The short diversion to the cafe added a mile to our journey and when we returned to Lockerbie, we had covered 17 miles. This was new country for some of the route and I think we will probably tour the area again. There is a gallery of pictures at the foot of this blog from our tour.

When we got home, I mowed both lawns and had a cup of tea with Mike Tinker who called in while I was mowing.  In the evening Mrs Tootlepedal went with Mike to a Bonnie Langholm committee meeting while I put a week of the newspaper into the Archive database.

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4 thoughts on “An arty cup of tea

  1. oh yes, if you are expecting a proper PH you would have been disappointed! Seems eccentric, a thai restaurant in Dalton. However, a friend of mine from Brampton loves it and persuaded me to go and we had a very nice lunch, albeit rather dingy surroundings (and were the only customers..)

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