More than a ton

Today’s flower is a white potentilla which is in the garden not along the back wall of the house like the yellow ones
white potentilla

There was no cycling today because I wanted to play golf and I no longer have the puff to cycle in the morning and play golf in the afternoon. I went to the local producers’ market instead and bought some fish, some soap and some mince. The fish for me was smoked haddock as we have no visitors tonight and I can eat kedgeree, the odour of which pervades the whole house, if we have no B&Bs. I then printed out copies of some of our Archive Group leaflets which we sell for our funds. While I was doing this, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to be a judge at the Benty Show at Westerkirk.

golf clubhouse
Langholm Golf Club

She got back for lunch and I promptly went off to play golf with my golfing partner Arthur.  We were attempting to complete a competitive round of strokeplay for the first time for ages. In my case it was over two years. In strokeplay you have to count every shot and finish every hole. It’s very hard work.

Arthur on the eighth tee

As you can see from the elegant swing on the left, Arthur was in good form and though he complained about not being able to hit the ball properly, he end up with a net 71 which was the best score of the afternoon.

On the eighteenth

On the right you can see how pleased he was to have made it round with relatively little difficulty.

Dropscone drives off the seventh

While on the course, we caught a glimpse of Dropscone and his playing partners who were ahead of us and I took this shot of his controlled swing off the seventh tee. It had not done him much good, he told me afterwards, because he had returned a poor score.

I had hoped to be able to break a hundred but my first nine holes included an 8, a 7 and a 9 which made it hard. In the end, I played much better on the second nine and posted a gross score of 102 so I nearly did it.

The boys in the back room

I enjoyed myself a lot because I had had very low expectations and I hit a few decent shots.

After the game, we went to see what the boys in the back room were having, and Arthur and I joined them for a small non alcoholic beverage (ginger beer in my case).

The day was completed by a delicious plate of kedgeree for my tea and a quiet sit through yet another showing of the Bourne Ultimatum on the telly.

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