Twice as much fun

Today’s flower is a climbing nasturtium seen on a yew clipped to look like a chessmanclimbing nasturtium

nasturtium flowerThis is the flower of the climbing nasturtium seen above. Mrs Tootlepedal is particularly fond of this delicate flower and was anxious in case it did not come into bloom before the end of the season. However, it has done her proud

.orange nasty

She has a good range of nasturtiums in a variety of shades dotted about the place and I particularly liked this one I found lurking under some other plants.

In the morning I took advantage of what was promised to be the last of the rainfree days to get on the bike. It had rained a little during the night but the morning weather was excellent once again. What was not so satisfactory was the increased windspeed as this not only made cycling a bit harder but also presaged a change in the weather after several days of calm. I was expecting a stiff breeze so I chose a route that would blow me home and my choice was good for I did the 20 miles down to Houghton, near Carlisle at 14.4 mph but did the same 20 miles on the way back at over 17 mph. Considering that it is definitely uphill, although not greatly, on the way home, I was pleased with my route. It has been a good week for weather and for cycling and I have done 245 miles and about 3500m of climbing.

When I got back, Mrs Tootlepedal was keen for a pedal, so after lunch we set off back down the road into the wind to Canonbie for refreshments at the tearoom at the Canonbie Bridge. We went along the Penton road to avoid the traffic on the A7. It is a hilly route but very quiet with some lovely views. We passed the aptly named Windy Hill farm and my old school at Canonbie on the way. That seems like another life now and I suppose it is because it is 16 years since I stopped teaching there. After our refreshments we whistled home up the old A7 with the wind behind us. Immediately on arrival, Mrs Tootlepedal jumped into the car and drove back to Canonbie to pick up her high visibility waistcoat which she had left in the cafe thus rather negating the joys of the bike trip.

As a special treat we had a bramble and apple crumble for our pudding using our own apples (for the first time this year) and some bought and some home picked brambles. It was delicious.

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One thought on “Twice as much fun

  1. Poor Ally having to go staight back for her cycling jacket! I like the way you intersperse your text with pictures, very artistic.

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