Back again

Today’s flower is a Michaelmas daisydaisy

Although I managed to get round the morning cycle ride with Dropscone quite comfortably, a little back pain from when I got out of bed got progressively worse during the day and it has certainly ruled out cycling tomorrow. I am hopeful that it is just a spasm and a judicious mixture of rest and exercises will get me back to functionality soon.

shreddings While I was out replenishing my stock of coffee beans and delivering booklets to the Archive Centre, Mrs Tootlepedal donned her wellies, leapt into the dam behind the house and cut down great quantities of shrubs and small trees. This lead to a good pile for the shredder and a handy collection of kindlers and small logs for the fire in the old sitting room. We need to have a fire in there to keep the end wall as warm and dry as possible in view of the shortly to arrive gales and rain.

While I was clipping the shrubs into shape, Mrs Tootlepedal was off again. She went back to the bed at the Townfoot to continue the attack on unwanted vegetation as part of a  small party of volunteers of mature ladies. I would, of course, have offered to help out if it hadn’t been for my bad back.

bookletsThe rest of day was of necessity pretty quiet for me but I managed to finish printing off some booklets for the Archive Group and the Tourist Information Points in the town.

These provide a source of income for the group except for the Cycle Routes leaflets which are a public service and for which I get some reimbursement. I enjoy doing these but it will be good when the new Town Heritage Trail booklet is completed as the present town trail booklet is rather skimpy. I am in the process of making a second cycle route booklet but doing the maps for it is a tedious process which I keep putting off.

The picture below shows the Kangoo with Mrs Tootlepedal’s tool on her return from her hard work at Townfoot.


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3 thoughts on “Back again

  1. Hope your back is much better soon Mr Tootlepedal and many thanks to Mrs Tootlepedal for her work with Bonnie Langholm.

  2. I am so sorry about your back. Can the physiotherapist help if all else fails?

    What would Langholm do without you two I wonder!

    1. The back will cure itself shortly and Langholm would get on very well without us as there are a great number of other volunteers all over the town. But thanks for you kind thoughts.

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