Getting back to normal

Today’s flower is a late flowering honeysuckle


The state of my back prevented me from taking advantage of another lovely day for a pedal but by the end of the day, it was so improved that I am hoping for a successful trip with Dropscone tomorrow. In the absence of pedalling, I even did some hoovering while Mrs Tootlepedal weeded a bed in the town not far from the house. Later on, I spent some time editing some more sound clips from the interviews which my colleagues have done with local people for the forthcoming heritage trail leaflet and DVD. It is a very fiddly business and it will require me to hone my rudimentary skills quite a lot if I am going to produce a satisfactory DVD.

We also had the sad task of visiting our next door neighbour, Margaret, whose husband has just died. He has been a great figure in the neighbourhood, chairman of any informal street meetings and a mine of information of country matters. He will be sadly missed.

Mrs Tootlepedal paid her weekly visit to Hoddam for the driving for the disabled and while she was away and couldn’t tell me not to, I mowed both the lawns before they got completely out of hand. Pushing the mower about didn’t seem to hurt the back at all and the gentle exercise probably did it some good.

Two of the committee enjoying a joke after the meeting

Also while she was away, I attended  a Heritage Trail meeting which takes place, conveniently for me, in our house and we do seem to be slowly inching towards achieving our goals but it is a long and arduous process. We are producing three information panels, a substantial booklet packed with pictures and information, a DVD of photos and reminiscences and a childrens’ booklet of an amusing nature. Any of these by themselves would take a lot of work. All of them together is quite a task. However, the panels are pretty well finished and the booklet is progressing so we are not completely downhearted.

In the evening I went to Carlisle with Susan, Dropscone’s daughter, to play the recorder. We had a quintet tonight and although we were rather rusty after a short summer break, we played a good stack of early music ending with “The Leaves be Green” by William Byrd. After the music came the highlight of recorder playing evenings in Carlisle for me, a well made cup of tea with figgy biscuits provided by Jenny, our hostess. What finer way can there be to end a day?

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2 thoughts on “Getting back to normal

  1. So sorry to hear about the death of George. he will be sadly missed and had a great sense of humour. He always said he looked in the Paper Shop window daily and if his Death Notice was not in he knew he was still alive. Please pass on our condolences to Margaret from Gavin & Gaye.

  2. Usual lovely flower photograph, sorry to hear your neighbour has died, he sounds a splendid person.

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