Talking the talk

Today’s flower is a yellow crocosmia


Dropscone came round this morning to help me test my back on the morning ride. The weather was cool with a light wind, ideal for a gentle run. We took it steady up the steep little hills and didn’t rush down the downhill and did the trip a minute faster than we had done on Monday when we had been trying really hard. There is a message there somewhere but I can’t quite work out what it is.

gretnaIn the afternoon, we went shopping. I was after a light pull trolley for the golf as I suspect carrying my clubs round may have contributed to the bad back. We went to Gretna Gateway for this. Mrs Tootlepedal always likes a visit here as they have a M&S outlet and many nice things can be purchased at a very reasonable price. She was also after a neat frame for Ali and Clare’s wedding photo. She was succesful on both fronts and I found my trolley in the EWM golf shop. Retail happiness.

lidlWe went on into Carlisle to Lidl which, after John’s corner shop in Langholm, is my favourite shop. They always have something different every time you go in and this time I picked up a very cheap battery radio to act as a replacement when my bedside radio gives up the ghost which it will do shortly. Mrs T went for a giant packet of washing powder so we both left well contented.

In the evening we went to the Ewes WRI meeting to give a talk on our cycling holidays. It was to be accompanied by suitable photographs and I borrowed the Archive Centre digital projector and linked it up to Mrs Tootledal’s netbook for a trial. It just wouldn’t work and I remembered that you had to alter a setting on the netbook  to make it work but unfortunately I couldn’t remember what to change so we had to take my old laptop instead. The trouble with the old laptop is that it is always liable to crash and sure enough, just as I was called on to speak, it crashed. However, the audience was very forgiving and after a reboot we got going and it seemed to go down well. Anyway, we had a nice cup of tea and a scone with jam and cream to follow so it was well worth while going.

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One thought on “Talking the talk

  1. What a good idea to buy a trolley for your golf clubs, I am sure it will make a difference. Mary and I both have shopping trolleys these days for the same reason.

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