Tamara Drew us to Carlisle

Today’s flower is the frost affected Fuschsia in full bloomfuchsia

Although the weather was wet, after a telephone consultation, Dropscone and I embarked on the morning ride. Apart from being nearly drowned by the bow wave of a passing lorry on the A7, it wasn’t too bad. dropsconecoffee However, we were wet enough at the finish to require a complete change of clothes before meeting for our usual cup of coffee. A reader of the blog has asked me for a picture of Dropscone and so I took this photo of the great man with his coffee in hand.

choresWhile I was doing this, Mrs Tootlepedal remarked in passing that if Dropscone’s usual way of passing the time in our kitchen was having a cup of coffee, hers was busying herself with a B&B keeper’s many chores. I therefore append this rather blurred picture of her rushing in and out in pursuit of her work. I couldn’t get her to stop still long enough for an in focus shot.

Shortly afterwards, she went to work at the Health Centre and before she came back, I went to do my stint in the tourist office (1 visitor). When I got back, we decided to got to the cinema in Carlisle to see Tamara Drewe, the film of Posy Simmond’s graphic novel. It was thoroughly enjoyable and the pleasure was added to by the purchase of black pudding and chips on the way home. That was just for me, of course. Mrs Tootlepedal exists on the occasional lettuce leaf.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Tamara Drew us to Carlisle

  1. Lots of sympathy to Ally rushing about while you two sat and had a cup of coffee. Sorry you got so wet though.

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