Not off my trolley

Today’s flower is one of the few sweet peas to make it this yearsweet pea

trolleyIt was the first day at work today for my new golf  trolley and it certainly won’t be the last. I went up in the morning and I played much better than usual and finished a lot less tired so I definitely think that it was money well spent. I managed to break a hundred today with what  might almost be called nonchalant  ease (4 shots) if one was exaggerating. Of course this is still miles worse than my handicap but it is a step in the right direction.


After lunch, I welcomed Anthony, Marianne and Tash to the house. Anthony had been measuring up a job in the district and dropped in on his way home with his two dogs. After they had had a cup of tea and a bowl of Stilton and celery soup as a snack, we went out onto the lawn to play with the dogs. They are both young and full of beans and had great fun leaping and catching rings and tennis balls. After admiring my wormery, the visiting party left at about 4pm. I had noticed, as you will see from the pictures below, that the grass was a bit long so I mowed the lawns before Mrs Tootlepedal returned.

Mrs Tootlepedal had spent the day on an Embroiderer’s Guild outing and came in laden with elegant cards and bits and bobs which she purchased on the way just in time to welcome our visitors for the night. The man is a professional viola player and you don’t get one of those in your house every day.

I was wondering what to have for my tea when I discovered that I had some mince ready cooked and waiting in the refrigerator. What could have been more fortunate than that?



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