Bad knee

Today’s flower is a sunflowersunflower

I went round the morning run with Dropscone again today for the fourth time this week in probably fractionally the quickest time of the four. He was unsatisfied with his picture in the blog yesterday so I will have to capture him again in a more flattering pose.

sunflower seedsWe recently bought a sunflower seed dispenser from Lidl and it has proved a big hit with the chaffinches. It took them about five minutes to get the hang of it and a day to eat the entire contents. I see that this cheap purchase is likely to cost us more than peanuts. The birds have eaten all of them too.


Mrs Tootlepedal has some fine sedums which are just coming into flower and they are a magnet for bees at the moment.When they are fully out we should see a lot of butterflies too but at present there is only this one about but it does oblige with several different poses. butterfly

The weather is forecast to be foul for most of next week but after that I hope for the change of photographing a butterfly storm.


In the afternoon I watched a little of the Formula 1 on the telly and cut up a few of the many logs Mrs Tootlepedal keeps providing from her dam clearances. I also picked more than a handful of brambles from the corner behind our washing green where there is a fine crop this year. Mrs Tootlepedal later converted them to a tasty bramble and apple crumble so that counts as well worth the occasional thorn in the hand.

NickOur B&B visitor Nick, who is doing the end to end, rather unexpectedly arrived by car. You can see him explaining to Mrs Tootlepedal that his knee had given him such aggravation that he had had to swap places with the team driver. The driver is now bicycling while he does the driving. chrisA few moments later the cyclist arrived as well. He turned out to be Chris, Nick’s brother. He is cycling with Nick’s son who is staying elsewhere in the town as we only have space for two people.

A short while after all this excitement, I captured Mrs Tootlepedal going out to the shops to get stuff for their breakfast. I was pleased to get her in focus as she is usually going too fast for the camera to

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2 thoughts on “Bad knee

  1. Well, what can I say, lovely pictures, especially of Ally bicycling away. I am still having problems with my computer but look forward to seeing the latest of your blogs when it hits my computer instead of days later!

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