A quiet day

Today’s flower is an Astrantia


There was no blog yesterday as we attended our neighbour’s funeral in really gloomy wet weather and there didn’t seem to much to add to that.

Today dawned much brighter and I started the day with a quick visit to the dentist to check on the well being of my recent extraction which was giving me some pain. He gave it the thumbs up and put an iodine pad in the crater which has soothed the pain in a most satisfactory way.  Mrs Tootlepedal spent the morning preparing for B&B cyclists tonight and then went to work.

I had fetched my Orange bike from Palace Cycles after the funeral yesterday. The Rohloff hub gear had been sent back to Germany as it was making a rather ugly grinding noise. It had returned with a note to say that they were sorry I had had to send it back and it was working perfectly well now and they hoped I would have fun with it. There was no indication that there had been anything wrong that needed repairing so I was a bit worried that it would be just the same. I tried it out by cycling first to the dentist and then up to the town to purchase my weekly mince. The result was a tribute to German efficiency. The gears worked perfectly and with not a whisper let alone a grind. They were quieter than they have ever been since I bought it. I am waiting for the heavy winds to subside a bit and  my back to feel a bit better and then I will give it a good go.

chaffinchWhile Mrs Tootlepedal was at work, I spent some time trying to photograph some of the birds on the bird feeder.  I caught this one waiting for its turn in the pecking order. chaffinch

The nuts seem to attract the chaffinches, tits and sparrows. The sunflower seeds we bought have all disappeared in a moment but the peanuts are more durable so I think I will stick with them for the moment.

Our B&B cyclists arrived in very good order considering how windy it has been but sensibly they had only had 50 miles to do which certainly helps in weather like we’re having at the moment. They had been cycling up and down rivers rather than roads the day before, they said.

The evening was fine if windy so I took the opportunity to give the lawns a quick mow. There is still plenty of growth in the grass.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “A quiet day

  1. Sorry your back is still giving you a bit of bother but glad the bicycle part has returned in such good form.

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