Rather them than me

Today’s flower is especially pleasing to me as it the second of the two fuchsias which were flattened by the frost and one which looked as though it was dead as a doornail. Even when it showed a bit of growth, it never looked as though it would flower so this is a real bonus.

The wind was still very strong and the day started for our B&B End-to-end guests by Mick having to mend the fifth puncture of their journey so far. That would test the patience of a saint. Perhaps the huge weight of luggage they are carrying between them accounts for the punctures. On their website they say it weighs over 77lbs.

You can see it on the bikes as they pedal off heading for Peebles on what is likely to be a pretty tough day’s cycling.

Dropscone and I decided to give our morning ride a miss today because of the heavy wind and my continuing bad back but he was kind enough to make some of his  eponymous drop scones and bring them round for a cup of coffee. dropsconesmart He had complained to me that the picture of him that I had posted recently was insufficiently flattering so this gave me the chance to catch him photographically when he wasn’t jiggered by riding twenty miles first. I think you will agree that it is a great improvement. Included in the picture is a plate of his very fine drop scones.

After his visit, I went off to Powfoot to see my physiotherapist who gave me some traction for my back which I hope will show some benefit tomorrow. Then I did some more work on the oral reminiscence recordings for the Heritage Trail, made some mince for my tea, swallowed some painkillers and went off to Carlisle with Dropscone’s talented daughter to play recorder. We were joined in a quintet by Heather, who had just come back from walking hundreds of kilometres on the pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain and who looked very well on it indeed. The highlight of the evening’s playing was a very agreeable arrangement of two movements of a Telemann viola concerto (and the choccy biscuits afterwards).

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “Rather them than me

  1. I admired the photograph of Dropscone not to mention his dropscones as a bonus. Hope the physiotherapist did you some good.

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