Today’s flower is the seed head of a Danish Flag poppy from which Mrs Tootlepedal has retrieved enough seed to cover most of Langholm with poppies next year.
danish flag

Still no cycling because of back troubles. They were less this morning because of the treatment yesterday but because they were less today, I promptly did things that I hadn’t been able to do before which made them worse again. In the words of the old song, “When will he ever learn?”

At lunchtime, Dropscone came with some purchases he had made on our behalf while in Carlisle for a golf lesson. bikestandIncluded among some useful winter biking clothing was this excellent bike stand, at an amazingly moderate price from Aldi, which lets me stack the bikes up in the garage saving a lot of space.

The bikes you see are my new and old road bikes. I keep the old one for using on an indoor bike trainer in icy or snowy weather in the winter.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), in order to make space for the space saving bike stand, I had to throw away lots of stuff which I had been keeping “just in case”. Luckily Dropscone was prepared to take some of my unwanted old golf stuff just in case he could find a use for it but I still had to throw away a great number of old clubs. Included in the chuck out were also two lawn treatment hollow tine devices which in the end proved less viable than a simple garden fork when it came to spiking the lawn.

Anyway, after Mrs Tootlepedal had thrown in a load of unwanted plants which she had dug up as part of her latest garden remodelling scheme, we had enough in the back of the Kangoo to visit our local dump.

Living in the country as we do, this involves a thirty mile round trip and is rightly regarded as a splendid outing. dump1In theory, every time we throw away a battery, we should go to the dump but like everyone else they just go in the bin unless we have a good collection of stuff like today.

The dump gets more sophisticated every time we visit it and it now has separate bins for almost everything. Mrs Tootlepedal is seen on the left throwing garden rubbish into the garden rubbish container. (In fact, like many press photographs, we couldn’t take the pictures while were actually throwing the stuff in so this is a posed photo taken after the event.)

In the evening, I went to the Archive Centre for an hour or so of indexing and then on to the Douglas Hotel for our customary research into beer quality in Langholm. It was very good.

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