Not up in the air

Today’s flower is not a flower. It shows a cotoneaster in front of some zebra grass. Mrs Tootlepedal is very fond of grasses.

cotoneasterThe back was much better today so bicycling was back on the menu. Dropscone is busy preparing to go on holiday in France and take his youngest daughter off to university so I waited for Mrs Tootlepedal to finish a short session at the Health Centre and off we went. I was hoping to ride the bicycle that had just come back from the bike shop but when they had put the tyre back on the wheel on its return from Germany, they had nicked the tube and it was punctured. So it was out with the road bike and down to Canonbie for lunch, going round the morning ride the “wrong way” to get the benefit of the North Westerly wind.

We were eating some tasty scrambled eggs and bacon in the tearoom by the bridge, when the infant class from Canonbie School trooped past the window on their way to play in the park opposite. Among the leaders was the lady who was school secretary when I was teaching there so after lunch, we went across the road to chat. She introduced us to a man who was helping to look after the children and he turned out, to our astonishment and total lack of instant recognition, to be Ben, Alistair’s best friend from primary school. It seems that after many adventures abroad, he is thinking of training as a teacher.

butterflyWe had a very pleasant pedal home and after a shower, I was able to get out and mow a lawn or two. By this time of year the garden should be teeming with colourful butterflies but for some reason or other, possibly the very cold winter, we have had very few this year. Today I could only see this single visitor.

Our neighbour Mike came round to tell me that he had asked a neighbour of his to look out for old mowers from a scrap metal man who visits him regularly and that a mower had arrived. He kindly helped me change the inner tube on my bike and we went round to fetch the mower. I have been looking for a back up mower for the lawn because you cannot buy a roller push mower of quality today because, as they say, there is no demand for them.

crumbleMrs Tootlepedal went out to give the Scouts some helpful advice on weeding a community flower bed and while she was out, I picked a small bowl of blackberries from behind our drying green. When she returned, she used her skills to turn these and some apples from our tree into a delicious apple and bramble crumble.

It disappeared in short order.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Not up in the air

  1. Glad your back is on the mend. You made my mouth water witht the blackberry and apple combination!

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