Tootle and pedal

Today’s flower is a bit of mintmint

I got up promptly to do the morning ride before the forecast rain and having done that, the rain never really came anyway. I wasted a lot of the rest of the morning trying to do the crossword but without any great success. I did manage to find time to mow a lawn.

In the afternoon I did some more work on the Heritage DVD. I recorded some commentary and then spent ages trying to fit pictures and sound together and trying to get all the different sound clips to play at the same volume. This is very time consuming and after two hours work, I had produced three minutes of rough results. It’s going to have to rain a lot to make time for me to do all the necessary work.

In the evening, Dropscone’s daughter Susan and I went to Carlisle for a recorder play. We were a sextet this week as one of our members who missed last week had returned. She had been at a local parish council meeting to complain about damage being done to a local wood which she likes to walk through by someone who is trying to improve the shooting. The someone, by coincidence, turns out to be the managing director of the firm where my fellow player, Susan, works. The meeting brought no joy to the complainers. The owner said it was his wood, so there.

We had a most enjoyable play with a selection of very rich six part music, some of which we had never played before.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Tootle and pedal

  1. The Heritage DVD sounds like extremely hard work and very fiddly, better luck the next time you try.

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