Thorny problems

Today’s flower is a geranium

Dropscone is still in France so I went round the morning run with Mrs Tootlepedal today. Because of the heavy wind, we went round in the “wrong” direction and this turned out to be a wise decision and we got the best of the conditions. view It was a beautifully sunny, clear day as the picture on the left shows but it was the coldest day of recent months by a long chalk and I was well wrapped up. boring

As we went down to the A7 from Glenzier we passed these two rigs drilling in a field. We think they are part of the great gas production scheme which is set to start production in this area. The rural appearance of the country here hides the fact that we are sitting on a substantial coal field.

As well as the drilling, the other activity that was going on was hedge cutting. This is a nightmare for the passing cyclist and sure enough, Mrs Tootlepedal picked up no less than three thorns and by the time we got to Canonbie, she had a puncture. puncture We had a spare tube with us but the tyres she has on are so tough that I could not get them off the rim. We had a pump so we pumped up the tyre and it lasted for a couple of miles or so. Then we pumped it up again and it got her home. I shall have to get one of these gadgets which squirt foam into your tube and pump it up and seal the puncture at the same time.

In the afternoon, I went to the Kilngreen to do my tourist office stint and I was visited by three tourists all of whom I was able to help. I felt quite pleased. I also had time to do two crosswords and a sudoku so I wasn’t too busy.baskets

As I left the office, I came across Margaret who was marking the turning of the seasons by taking down the hanging baskets round the tourist office and the toilet block. Change and decay all around I see. We were visited by the Tinkers in the evening and I enjoyed a pleasant recorder play with Alison at the keyboard. We played Loeillet, Williams and Handel and then we had a glass of wine. Let the autumn and winter come, we are ready for them.

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2 thoughts on “Thorny problems

  1. Autumn still not arrived in Salt Lake City as we sit on Fraser’s balcony each evening until it is after dark and enjoy a beer in the warm evening air. It is still in the mid 80s every day and no sign of a change yet so hopefully we will get our last weekend here in glorious sunshine and leave for Langholm on Monday afternoon to arrive back on Tuesday evening. A long and tiring journey.

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