A nice cup of tea (red bush) and a slice of cake

No flower today as I forgot to take the camera into the garden and the flowers are disappearing because of the cold nights anyway. I might have to start having a bird of the day soon.

aussie girl I had a very quiet day today what with it being Sunday and myself being somewhat tired. In the end I got up in time to make soup for lunch, watch the Grand Prix on the telly and cycle up to Mosspaul for the second day running. I am still keeping off the side roads because of hedge cutting and the A7 is quiet quiet at weekends. The wind was gentler today and I enjoyed both up and down hill and finished with a respectable speed for me of over 16 mph.

I was not long back before our end-to-end visitor appeared. She turned out to be an Australian girl who lives in Lincoln. She is very fit and has done the Col du Tourmalet for fun but was still finding the grind of the end to end quite hard on the mind. She is doing it in a group and the pressures of not being in charge of her own destiny, and the loss of two of her friends from the group who had had to leave at Gretna this afternoon because of  of work commitments had made her rather gloomy. Mrs Tootlepedal cheered her up with several slices of banana and walnut cake and cups of Red Bush and you can see the ladies enjoying a joke over a cup of tea in our kitchen. She was pleased to meet two people who could at least appreciate what it means to do long multiday tours and share a little of her pain although she was doing the trip much more quickly than we had done.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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