Today’s flower is a late primrose


The day started with a farewell to our end to end visitor, Jaquelyn who was off to Edinburgh. She had been greatly cheered up by staying with us and was looking forward to her journey. jaquelynThe mornings are beginning to become noticeably darker now but her smile was enough to light up the whole town. I hope her day went well.

Shortly after she left, I went off on my usual morning ride. I had had a hard pedal yesterday and that had stirred up my asthma so I went very slowly today. The man who had been cutting the hedges which had given Mrs Tootlepedal the puncture on Friday had done a very good job of sweeping the road because it was absolutely thorn free. I wish all hedge cutters were so conscientious.

When I got back I arranged to play nine holes of golf with Arthur in the afternoon but on getting to the course, I found he was getting a lift on a buggy with a third player. The result was that I walked round at a vigorous speed, trying not to hold them back, and this slightly affected the beauty of my swing. At least that is my story. I was keen to have a practice because the winter competition on a shortened course starts this Saturday and I hope to play regularly in this, if the weather permits.

twinsMrs Tootlepedal was at work in the afternoon when I returned.  In her absence, I wrote and sent out the minutes for a meeting which is going to be held on Wednesday and sieved a bucket of compost. This is material that was put in the heap in late spring and it has composted really well. During the afternoon, I was visited by the twin grandsons of my next door neighbour who were after some sponsorship for a 5 mile walk they are going to do. I obliged them in a modest way. Then I replaced the inner tube on Mrs Tootlepedal’s bike which had been attacked by the thorns. There were three thorns to get out of the tyre.

In the evening, I entered a week of the E & L into the index and wrote some very brief reports for the Langholm Initiative AGM.

It sounds like quite a busy day but there was plenty of time to do a couple of crosswords, drink coffee, eat toast and syrup and read two newspapers so I was by no means rushed off my feet. I never am, that’s what being retired is for.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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  1. You may have thought that you had had a peaceful day but Rachel and I think that for any normal person what you did yesterday would be far too much in a 24 hour period! I am exhausted just reading about it. Glad about compost though.

  2. Bad luck about the buggy, but how fit you must be. Glad to hear you are keeping up the golf. My swing leaves much to be desired, so I had a tennis coaching today, which left me puce in the face but happy.

  3. Such enterprising children I have! they came back with lots of sponsors and no nudging from me!
    p.s found your blog totally at random

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