Weaving a web

Today’s flower is not a flower at all but Virginia Creeper and Cotoneaster making a lovely showcreeper

Another day and another morning ride. I went round the wrong way just for a change and enjoyed the different views. The hedge cutter had cut more hedges but had swept up brilliantly. I stopped to talk to one of my former teaching colleagues who was walking with her husband on the old A7 at Canonbie. He is going for a knee op. Is there anyone left apart from me with their own joints?

Mrs Tootlepedal went out to work and I mowed a lawn behind her back and waited for our visitor of the night to arrive. He came rather early and was very interested in some local family history. I took him to the Archive Centre and printed an article from the E&L of 1915 for him. He went off for a walk and I updated a page in the Langholm Moorland Education Project website for the project officer and then put some material on a local history website which I have created for the Middlebie Parish History Group. In the evening, I put in a week of the E&L into the Langholm Archive site so by the time I finish this blog as well, I will be square eyed.


In the meantime I had the camera pointed at a bird feeder and caught this thoughtful sparrow and he pondered on the delights of having nuts yet again for lunch.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “Weaving a web

  1. Rachel and I loved the sparrow, you are clever. Hope your square eyes are back to the normal shape. Don’t boast about your joints, all your siblings apart from me have their own joints as does your stepmother who is much older than you!

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