A social day

Today’s bird looking a little bedraggled


The day started very wet and I didn’t go out for my usual morning ride. This was lucky because Arthur rang me up for a little computing assistance. I was able to help him out and in return he came down to Wauchope Cottage for a cup of coffee and a session of recording commentary for the heritage DVD I am compiling. His thorough knowledge of the textile trade is invaluable and he is going to prepare a script to accompany a set of pictures of mill machinery on the DVD.

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal left for Hoddam where she went out as a bicycle helper for the disabled drivers in spite of the rain. visitorsWhile she was out, I hosted a meeting of the heritage trail committee. It was still raining as the members arrived but our day was brightened by the good progress that was reported at the meeting. I showed an early rough version of the first 6 minutes of the DVD to general approval which was very encouraging. fire We are past the Autumn equinox now and a sign of this was the fire which was lit in the meeting room. (The work on the outside wall still seems to be keeping the rain at bay but we have not been severely tested by the weather yet.)

embroideryMrs Tootlepedal arrived home and, in another sign of the turning season, found time to do some preparatory work on what she hopes will be this winter’s embroidered work. Surprisingly, it is based on the driving at Hoddam.

I was just preparing for the second meeting of day when the doorbell rang and two cyclists appeared saying they were expected for B&B. They may have been expected but not by us so there was a slight panic. However we hadn’t anyone booked and the rooms were nearly ready so we welcomed them in. It turned out that they had enquired about a booking but had not confirmed it so it was lucky that we hadn’t booked in anyone else.

Anyway, we got them settled in and Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work and I hosted a meeting of the Culture and Heritage committee. This group, mainly consisting of Archive Group members, meets from time to time to discuss this and that. sunsetAfter they had left, I had time for a quick meal and a snatched photo of another sign of the season before leaving to pick up Susan, Dropscone’s daughter, for a trip to play recorders with our group in Carlisle.

We were a sextet tonight and Roy, our librarian, had a choice selection of early music for us to play. The evening finished with tea, conversation and figgy rolls. We all sympathised with one of our members who is increasingly pained by the fences being put up by a pheasant shooting proprietor in the woods where she walks her dog .

raspsI finished the day off with yet another seasonal offering, a plate of Autumn raspberries embellished with cream and Cream of Galloway ice cream. Altogether, it has been a day of good company, sound progress, treats to eat and lovely music. Who could ask, as the songs says, for anything more?

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