Dropscone returns

Today’s flower is the other big burst of colour remaining in the garden

riot of colour2

It was an extremely wet morning today so there was no cycling.  The internet came on again which was a relief. You don’t realise how much of your life revolves around the internet until it disappears. My golfing partner Arthur came round and, with his textiles hat on, we went through sixty pictures of mill machinery from the Archive photo collection. He is going to select enough of them to make a picture of the mill processes in Langholm to put on the Heritage DVD and write a short commentary on each picture. He is a hero.

In the afternoon we went to Homebase to buy sharp sand for the lawn and smokeless fuel for the fire and then went up to Gretna to see if the M&S store in Gretna Gateway had any bargains. I snapped up a fetching pair of cords at a nice price and Mrs Tootlepedal got a pair of aprons from a cookery outlet.

dropsconeIn the evening, we were delighted to get a visit from a tanned and fit looking Dropscone who has returned from his golfing holiday in France. He says he played 322 holes of golf in 10 days as well as bicycling twice so he certainly didn’t waste any time while he was out there. He brought us rich gifts of shallots and cheese which were most appreciated. I hope to be back in our bicycling routine on Monday, weather permitting.

Following him, the Tinkers came for their Friday night of conversation and music. Mrs Tinker and I very much enjoyed playing sonatas by Parcham and Handel and a piece by Couperin in our own rough and ready way while Dr Tinker and Mrs Tootlepedal moderately enjoyed cleaning up an inadvertent wine spill.All part of the rich tapestry of life.

I add below an exciting picture of the wormery in which the worms seem to be thriving. With the winter coming, there is every chance of worm death in the cold but for the time being they seem to be lasting well.worms

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One thought on “Dropscone returns

  1. I sympathise with the feelings one has when the internet doesn’t work. I really miss my computer too if it goes AWOL.

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