101 posts

Today’s flower is an late flowering  roserose

The day started with a visit to the producers’ market for the purchase of meat and fish. Some good cheese made in Hawick and some fine vegetables also made their way into the shopping bag so the visit was well worth while. Mrs Tootlepedal was showing one of  our B&B visitors round the garden meanwhile. He looks after the garden in a hospice in Carlisle and was anxious too see if there was anything in our garden which would improve his.

After an early lunch, I went to play golf in the first of the winter competition days. The winter competition lasts through the winter months and is played on a shorter course than usual which suits very short hitters like me. As a result I managed 36 points which is par for the day (with my enormous handicap taken into account of course) which was very pleasing.

charityIn the evening we welcomed yet another B&B visitor, this time a cyclist who is making his way from Edinburgh to Devon in aid of a charity. He had come from Edinburgh and had got a thorough soaking not far north of Langholm. We escaped the bad weather and enjoyed quite a pleasant day throughout.

After a very poor high season, the B&B has really picked up well in September and October and we have a single gentleman staying all next week which will keep Mrs Tootlepedal busy on the breakfasts.

The reason for today’s title, by the way, is that this is the 101st blog in this series which amazes me. I hadn’t thought it was anything like that. They have been very enjoyable to write and I would like to thank anyone who has been kind enough to read them. Here’s to the next 100.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

8 thoughts on “101 posts

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! 101 posts is brilliant. Keep on blogging. Here’s to the next 100 indeed, and the next 100 after that.

    Nice rose too, and congratulations on the golf.

    Come on Europe… I shall be glued to 5 Live and the Guardian ball by ball which is good as it looks like it’s going to pour with rain again


    1. Thank you. Come on Europe indeed. I must say, as everyone else has noted, that it has come as a great surprise that it rains in Wales in October.

  2. Glad the B&B has picked up over these last two months. Have really enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at all the lovely pictures you put in it. I admire the skill and, trained by you, notice the tiny imperfections as well.

  3. Me too, have much enjoyed the blogs, even if I don’t always leave a comment. A great rose picture today!
    Well done with the golf. I have had to miss tennis this weekend due to a slightly dicky back now well on the way to recovery.

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