Another day, another pedal

I found another rose lurking in a border

pink rose

We had Welsh weather in the morning so I got on with some work  entering the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser index. I had got behind with this last week because of the internet disappearance on Thursday but a couple of hours work got me back on track. R M Rome, chemist, purveyor of sheep dip and quinine wine, insurance and shipping agent and second editor of the E & L has just died (Dec 1876) so we are waiting to see who the new editor will be and what changes, if any, he will make.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to the first meeting for this year’s community pantomime and I went for a pedal as soon as the weather cleared. There was a very light wind and it was pleasantly warm cycling along so I went for a medium ride. I went down the A7 to the roundabout at junction 44 of the M6 and then turned left onto the A689 and went past Houghton Garden Centre and left at the roundabout at the bottom, keeping on the A689 to Brampton. I used a cycle track alongside the road which took me through Low Crosby and then back onto the main road. The road narrows further on and to avoid this section I made a circuit of Carlisle Airport. This is a very nice section of road as it is kept in prime condition for the use of emergency vehicles for the airfield. From Brampton I took the A6071 to Longtown. They have resurfaced large sections of this road and it has gone from being a stinker to being very smooth. The light wind was behind me on the way back and as a result I managed the return journey a whisker faster than the way out. The whole thing was done at 16.8 mph which was a tribute to the flat nature of the terrain, the light wind, and the newly surfaced road.

The whole journey was just under 51 miles and I would have taken many interesting photos of exciting things along the route, had I remembered to take my camera.

Can these be nuts?

In the morning, while I was waiting for the weather to clear, I set up the camera and caught some of the hundreds (lots anyway) of birds having a go at the feeders.

Yes, they are nuts. My nuts.

There are sometimes as many as ten birds on the feeders, sitting in the tree waiting their turn, pushing in, being pushed off or picking up the seeds from the ground below. It’s better than watching the telly by a long way….and no irritating music either.

The picture below shows our new niger seeds which are supposed to attract different birds altogether but the birds round here don’t seem to understand this.

These are definitely not nuts

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One thought on “Another day, another pedal

  1. I loved the birds and the comments. Is it the sort of thing I could do, put comments on pictures?

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