Two firsts

Today’s flower is a bird. I caught a glimpse of this goldfinch on the feeder but it deliberately kept hiding on the far side so I was only able to catch this one rather blurred image. I will get him again soon.finch

I started the day with the usual morning circuit with Dropscone. The wind had got up a bit and it rained heavily on us as we came down the Wauichope road. Nevertheless, we managed a reasonable time, though slower than yesterday. Dropscone had brought a second sample of French cheese from his recent holiday and it turned out to be delicious on a cracker with our coffee. He told us that we only got to taste it because the rest of his family had turned up their noses at it. I told him that he must go on another French holiday as soon as possible.

Mrs Tootlepedal and I went to the Buccleuch Centre for a patrons’ lunch to hear a talk from a Hawick teacher called Ian Landles. I had heard reports of him before but this was the first time I had seen him in the flesh. He was wonderfully funny and had a natural manner of delivering his material that made me inwardly cry with envy. Someone told me that when he gives a talk or speech, it never just comes from stock but he puts his heart into providing appropriate stuff for each occasion. Certainly he had us all in the palm of his hand today. It was a real treat to be there.

loomAfter lunch I went for a first visit to one of two mills left in Langholm. This is a small business employing 12 people which does short run and contract weaving for customers. I went with Arthur Bell, which was appropriate since they work in part of his old mill, to take pictures for the mill section of the Heritage Trail DVD. I was playing golf with Stephen Tweddle, the manger, at the weekend and he had said that we would be welcome. He showed us round and was most helpful. Currently they are weaving material for kilts as you can see.drove6

I changed some of the pictures to black and white to see what they looked like because all the rest of the photos from the Archive collection are in black and white.  I was impressed by the clarity of the black and white images. Photo editing programmes are extremely clever.

In the evening I made dumplings to put in my stew because there was an over-abundance of gravy in the pan. The result was very satisfying in every way. It’s early to bed tonight because our B&B visitor this week has breakfast at 7.15 every day which means a 6.30 wake-up call. I don’t actually get up myself of course because I don’t want to get under Mrs Tootlepedal’s feet while she is preparing one of her famous breakfasts but I feel very tired on her behalf.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

3 thoughts on “Two firsts

  1. I agree with Tootlepedal in his remarks about Ian Landles. His talk at the Buccleuch Centre Patrons Lunch was brilliant.

  2. That’s nice, bird picture and your sympathies with Ali.
    Meant to congratulate you on the 100th blog – bit late, but I am really enjoying reading your blog. I find it is instructive, soothing and very funny – keep up the good work!

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