That elusive goldfinch

Today’s picture was taken in a sunlit moment near the end of the afternoonlooking out

I was hoping to get a shot of the goldfinch but, once again, he did his best to frustrate me. The morning and early afternoon were  grey and wet so that is when he came. He perched behind the feeder again and only popped his head out from time to time. goldfinchIn addition I had left my tripod in the car and Mrs Tootlepedal had gone to Hoddam for the driving with it.  Once again the image is far from satisfactory but I will persevere. Of course as soon as the sun came out the bird disappeared.

The forecast hadn’t been too bad so I expected to get out on the bike early on, before the wind got up but in the event, every time I got ready to go, it started to rain so in the end I did some archive work first. Then I  had a quick cheese toastie with some excellent Hawick cheese and set off at about lunchtime. I went round the customary morning run but because I was by myself , (Dropscone was about golfing business up the Borders) I had intended to make an extension to add another ten miles or so to the trip. By the time I got going, the wind was quite breezy and when the time came to divert or not to divert, I remembered that I bicycle for fun and not to punish myself and went home by the usual way. I have done 110 miles in the last four days so I am well up to schedule.

lawnOn my return, I took a moment out to do a bit more spiking and sanding on one of the lawns. This is a really tedious job and so I do it a little at a time and I remind myself that the improved drainage makes it all worth while. When Mrs Tootlepedal returned, she kindly cut my hair and the cut hair went into the wormery, as I am led to believe that human hair is a tasty snack for a worm. We shall see.

In the evening, I went to Carlisle with Dropscone’s daughter Susan to play recorders. We were a quintet tonight because Sue, one of our members, was trying out for a choir in Brampton. If she gets taken on, it will mean changing our recorder night so we are interested to find out how she did. Meantime we played a selection of Byrd, Addison, Dowland, Brade and Holborne, leavened with an excursion into the woods to play a very smart arrangement of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. We played many pieces which alternated bars in 3/4 with bars of 6/8 (or rather, because we were playing early music, 3/2 amd 6/4). I find this quite a challenge but by the end of the evening, we were moving quite smoothly across the rhythms. The evening ended as always with conversation, tea and a dainty biscuit (in this case a mini Jaffa cake).

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3 thoughts on “That elusive goldfinch

  1. Yes, I have been taken on for the choir – not through any vocal skill, they just happened to have a place… but I don’t want to give up recorders! Can we think of a different night to meet maybe?

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