Basking in the sun

I nearly got a good picture of the goldfinch today. The hunt goes on.

It was a day of unadulterated sunshine today and my mood was sunny throughout to match. We started, Dropscone and I, by whizzing round the morning ride in a smart time with a light wind, pausing only to thank the hedge cutter, who was off to work in his tractor, for his care in not leaving clippings on the road. He said he didn’t sweep the road but just took the wind direction into consideration when cutting. He does a good job.

Dropscone had obtained some supplies for me from Lidl in Hawick on his way back from Cardrona yesterday and his daughter Susan had given them to me when we went to Carlisle last night so I paid him what I owed as we had our morning coffee, which was coincidentally made from a Fairtrade arabica Ethiopian bean which I had purchased from Lidl at an earlier visit. It was very tasty. The combination of quality and economy is irresistible.

After my shower, I harvested a large leek from the garden and made enough potato and leek soup for three days. While it was cooking and after I had eaten my first day’s ration, I continued with the spiking and sanding of the lawn. I have now done about half of one of the two lawns.

Mrs Tootlepedal went to Carlisle on the bus in the morning to buy some things she needs for her winter embroidery. When she returned, I went out with the camera to take some shots of the Autumn scenes in Langholm. I didn’t catch the sun in the perfect place and I took shots that many people have taken before but I still think they give a reasonable impression of the time and place. I was able to pick a large bowl of raspberries for my supper as they are continuing to fruit generously. I hope we can avoid a frost because they will go on fruiting well into the dark evenings. I was even able to pick enough to make three pots of jam the other day.

In the evening, I went off to the Archive Centre with Sandy where we did good work and then on to the pub where we did more good work.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “Basking in the sun

  1. Lovely photographs, but spoilt by the scafolding on the top of the Erskine Kirk. When are they ever going to take it down.

  2. Wonderful pix – how do you do it. We saw tits going to the bird feeders in Centerparcs, but they were so quick we could hardly glimpse them. You are lucky still getting raspberries! XX M

    1. Point the camera and press the button on Auto then diddle around with them on the computer.

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