Winter draws on

Today’s picture is a winter jasmine by the back door


November started with a  decided chill but with no wind so conditions were not bad for the morning ride with Dropscone.  It was about 4 degrees when we set off but I was well wrapped up and felt no pain. Dropscone had picked up some muffins at a reduced price and we had these with our coffee. He had also obtained some nice bright cycle lights which should stand me in good stead in the forthcoming months.

blue titYesterday this blue tit was just about the only visitor to the bird feeders all day. It was almost as though the others had taken a Sunday off as a day of rest in spite of the lovely weather (or maybe because of the lovely weather; perhaps they had gone to the beach).

goldfinchToday our regular visitors returned, blue tits, chaffinches, all sorts of sparrows and goldfinches. There was even a starling on a feeder at one time.sparrow

I don’t what sort of sparrow this is; perhaps someone can tell me.



I do know this is a chaffinch and it often likes to pose on this particular branch before approaching the feeders.

I went shopping in the afternoon to get some meat and veg for my tea  and then came home and cooked a stew which should last for three days.

Winter means the start of the slot car racing season in the Old Town Bowling Club pavilion.

The unpromising pile of wood at the back of the garage is collected by Les and Grant  in a Latimer’s van, taken to the bowling club..

..and transformed

Les, Grant and Shona, the track erection team


in an hour or so first into this:



The track on the trestles


And then into this.



We have a week off next week but racing should commence in a fortnight. It is a fine way to spend a dark winter’s night.

My sister Susan forwarded me some photographs of my brother Andrew in New Zealand. He had gone to climb up a prominent height near Wellington. Do the New Zealanders have a sense of humour? It is hard to tell.

Colonial Knob

and here’s the man himself..

Andrew resting on the way up

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “Winter draws on

  1. Lovely photographs as usual. Enjoy the slot car racing when it begins and thanks for putting Andrew’s pictures on the blog.

  2. Great bird pictures – I am most impressed.
    What is slot car racing?
    Took my camera to Richmond Park today but the sun did not shine and the battery ran out! Even so, it was a lovely walk, and I saw lots of deer.

    1. The slot car racing is a fancy name for a giant Scalextric track. I am sorry about the pictures but glad about your walk.

  3. I too have climbed the Colonial Knob.. back in 2002 (ish).. quite an experience.. love the waxwing photos.. would love to see them if they return again!

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