Today’s picture gives an inkling of the continuous action at the bird feeders in the mornings. There are at least four goldfinches, a bluetit and a chaffinch waiting his turn.crowd

Mrs Tootlepedal and I watched a telly programme on garden birds which bewailed the loss of the sparrow. I think I know the answer, they are all up here.

The day started as a day should with a turn round the morning cycle ride with Dropscone. His breathing had recovered a lot from yesterday and we got round on a very windy day in our standard time of 1hr 20mins for the 20.8 mile ride. Coffee was accompanied by some M&S Belgian chocolate biscuits which Mrs Tootlepedal had bought for a treat. This all made for a good start to the day.


Ross and Gary weighing up the job

In the afternoon the joiner and his mate came to start work on the hall floor. The plan is to rip up the present carpet, lay down a plywood base and then cover it with a hard wearing easy to clean surface.




The carpet gone

Part one was achieved quite easily.




The plywood down

Part two followed with a lot of jigsaw skill from the joiners as in a house of this age nothing as square. But it all looks very promising.



In the evening, while Mrs Tootlepedal was out rehearsing, I put in another week of the E&L index. We are making good progress and are already a quarter of the way through 1877.

And look, here is another sparrow.

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