Quiet day in

Today’s picture features the return of the waxwing (but only one)

waxwingThe high spot of a rather gloomy, wet day was spotting this lonely waxwing perched on the topmost branch of the walnut tree. It stopped fpr a while and then went to wherever waxwings go.

There was no cycling this morning because of a very ferocious weather forecast which in the event did not come to pass. I was going to pedal in the afternoon but every time I went to get ready, it started to rain so in the end I gave up and sat down to as much work on the heritage DVD as I could stand. I am now in the position where I have probably got more material than I need and I should start arranging and trimming the stuff I have. The real problem is the almost limitless number of possibilities that there are for presenting the story. Choosing just one is hard as it means discarding other ideas which might be just as good. In the end you have to get your head down and charge at it.

KevanWork on the house continues and Kevan Hotson turned up to fix some loose tiles on the roof. This is timely with winter approaching. He cleaned out a gutter too so we are good condition for the fierce weather now.

My daughter Annabel has posted some pictures of her walks round London on Picasa and I have stolen one of her pictures of tree trunks and added it to Mrs Tootlepedal’s page.

In the evening, I went to the Archive Centre with Sandy and Jean and did some work on the E and L index. This was slightly confused by the fact that the people who prepared the microfiches we use had copied one page of the paper twice. It took me quite a long time to work out what had happened. (The unkind might ask how it was possible to tell if it was the same page copied twice or just another edition of the E and L. The date gave it away.)

While we were drinking our beer, Sandy suggested that I should have a category on the blog for moans but there is no need for that, it would just be the same number as there are blogs.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

6 thoughts on “Quiet day in

  1. All this excitment about waxwings seems to have occured since I arrived offshore a week or so ago – somebody has even spotted one on our boat on the north Atlantic. I’m hoping they’re still about when I arrive home to be reunited with my camera.

    I used a couple of your pictures and given the archives credit and your own blog a bit of a plug. Although with the modest readership I get, I doubt it’ll make a huge increase in your stats much.


  2. Great waxwing picture.
    I had a surprise when visiting Somerset House yesterday as there was a Harris Hawk atop a statue, squawking away like anything. It suddenly flew down to its keeper. Apparently it is there for pigeon control! No camera with me unfortunately.

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