Much the same as usual

Once again the weather was rather gloomy for photography of quickly moving things but I did  get this picture of a sparrow.sparrow

The day was gloomy but there was no rain and the wind was quieter than Wednesday so the morning run with Dropscone was both more pleasant than Wednesday’s effort and a couple of minutes quicker. My legs seem to be a bit stronger and my breathing is quite good at the momentwith the result that I find that I am going up hills in a higher gear than usual and at a slightly quicker speed. Long may this continue.

While we were having coffee, Dropscone, who used to be a baker and meet lots and lots of customers, and Mrs Tootlepedal, who works in the health centre and meets lots and lots of patients, had a long, involved  conversation about many people and their convoluted relationships with many other people, none of whom I knew. This was very fascinating. I may have mentioned this and Dropscone, as he left, pointed out that those with something real to moan about usually bear it with great fortitude and those who have very little to moan about, moan about it a lot. I don’t know who he was talking about.

The steady stream of visiting goldfinches continues and they give me great pleasure to watch.

goldfinchThey are not just around our garden. I see occasional flocks of them as I cycle about as well. Apart from the waxwings, we don’t have many very interesting bird visitors but we do have a constant number. Our B and B visitor this weekend is a badger expert and is leading a course on badgering. He tells me that a group of bird surveyors are coming across to Langholm this weekend to count birds. They should have plenty of material.

I am still spending a good deal of time on the heritage DVD and today’s task was learning to float captions onto and off slides.

On the wormery front, all is looking good at the moment. I think I might have been over feeding them so I have slacked off a bit recently and they seem happy enough. It is hard to tell how happy a worm is. My method is to look at it and if it’s alive, then I say it is happy. We have some cold nights forecast for the next few days and I am keeping my fingers crossed for them.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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